I am adding this page because I love and believe in foreign missionaries! It takes a special burden and calling, and I have grown to appreciate those that are willing to leave behind comforts and the closeness of friends and family to reach a people to whom they are called. Here you can visit the websites/blogs of missionaries and get a glimpse into their lives and fields of labor. Remember to pray for all of these wonderful people!

                                                           L.A.M.P. (The Nix's in Peru)

                                                             Mexico (The Wakefield's)

                                         Mexico (The Loa's)

                                                           Brazil (The Lambeth's)

                                       Brazil (The Alvear's)

                                                           Honduras (The Schreckhise's)

                                                           The Philippines (The Short's)

                                                           East Asia (The Bracken's -Taiwan and China)

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