Monday, March 17, 2008

Lord, whatever you're doing..don't do it without me!

At music conference not long ago, I learned a new, simple chorus. Here are the words:

3x- Lord, whatever you're doing in this season, don't do it without me, don't do it without me.

3x- Lord, if you're blessing in this season, please, don't do it without me, don't do it without me.

3x- Lord, if you're healing in this season, please, don't do it without me, don't do it without me.

Like I said, simple, but that's what's been on my heart. I feel like I've wasted enough time doing things I shouldn't, or not doing things I should. I want to make a difference in someone's life. I want to have a big effect on this city. I want to go to heaven and hear "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Almost 5 years ago, my family and I left our comfort zone in Fairfield, and moved here to Oakley to start a church. We've had so many ups and downs. Just when it seemed like things we're going good and picking up, someone would leave, or a something very unfortunate would take place. I know that's been hard for my family, and the rest of the people in our small church. And to be honest, and think we all hit rock bottom. But now, we've to go back UP! I don't know how to explain, but it feels like something great is about to happen. Somebody's going to get the Holy Ghost for the first time, because of me. Somebody's life is going to turn around, I just know! I feel excited! We've had awesome church the past 2 weeks after a few months of "rock bottom."

I gave some things back over to God last week, and I'll admit, it was hard. I was struggling with a lot, more than anyone knew. But once I gave in and gave my will and my heart back over to God, I've felt soooo much better, and it's like a new life and a new excitment about living for God has taken over me. Yes, I don't have very many local friends, and I've complained about it and pouted about it long enough. In your face devil! I'm going to go win some people to God, and then maybe I'll have some local friends. I guess it's about time I stop being stupid and realize it, no matter what. Plus, I'll be able to (hopefully) see my good friends who don't live near me more often when I get my month I guess.

Anyhow.........I've heard so many stories of people that have prayed people through right in the grocery store, or in a park or whatever. And I've had a few visions (Ok, daydreams is more like it) of doing things like that. I want to!!! But pray for me, I need help with the whole "confidence in witnessing to people" thing. Does anyone have any tips that might help?

I now realize, that if I want to see all these great things happens because of me, I have to be willing to surrender things over to God. If I can't treat Jesus like a good friend, then I won't be able to show his love through me--but, it I do treat Jesus like a good friend, and obey him, and I can and will show his love through me.


Karen Mester said...


This was a beautiful post. Thank you for baring your soul. God knows your heart, and believe me, He will send a hungry heart your way. Remember Bre? Look at how she is still living for God, even though you don't live across the street from her anymore. Your influence lives on. We had a beautiful bible lesson in our care group this past Friday about making a difference. I will send it to you. God loves you Gal, and so do I. Proud to be your Auntie...Kiki

Anonymous said...


I like your new blog. Good post. I heard that song for my first time Friday night at the No Limits conference. I liked it. I'm praying for you & the Oakley church! L, UT

Jennifer said...

Aunt Kiki-

Thanks so much for your comment. You can send the lesson to me through e-mail if possible.

UT-I like it too! Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I loved your post; it did my heart good. It does feel like we're turning a corner, doesn't it? I'm excited about the future.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

tips for witnessing: you dont have to walk up to everyone and just invite them to church. i found the easiest way to witness (for me) is let your light shine and be witness, literally. let people see jesus through you while you befriend them. jesus was a friend of sinners. he didn't shove his word down their throat, the first thing he did was befriend them.

Anonymous said...

hi, my name's Naomi and i live in England i'm not sure where you come from whether it's england too, but that doesn't matter. I just want to say that i was sitting infront of my piano at home and was feeling ever so low, i started to sing the song 'Lord whatever you're doing in this season please don't do it without me' I then throught to search how t play it on the piano and found your page. Don't get scared because i'm not a perv, but i am amazed by the fact that you love Jesus so much. I was thinking to give up on him because my life just wasn't going well, but then i heard the song by j.moss and almost started to cry. i thank you for making you page, it has blessed me so much even if you don't see how. i hope you get this message and never give up on God like i was going to.

thank you so much God Bless you.