Thursday, May 1, 2008

She thinks she owns the place

Here's my dog, Misty, in my backyard. Sometimes I think she really does think she owns the place. She's funny. A dog with personality. It's a funny picture of The poor dog has had so many weird things happen to her. Maybe that's why she's a little loopy. A few years ago a kid from our neighborhood dropped a really heavy duty pogo stick on top of her head. We were scared she was gonna die but she pulled through. There was another time she got fixed, had surgery on a hernia, and had surgery on her eye all in one day. And that's just a few things. She barks at everybody that comes through the door, but hey, gotta love the ol' pooch....I haven't posted anything about her in a long time and I didn't want her to be offended so I thought I would make a little post about her...hahaha...okay maybe in reality I'm just trying to make up for not posting in a few days.

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Carol Connell said...


I'd have to agree. Not only does she think she owns the place, but she also thinks all the food in the fridge is hers. The audacity of that dog!