Monday, February 23, 2009

Children's Church

Really cool black light puppet show!

Jason and Jennifer Bohannon - Children's evangelists

A young girl from our church

Baptized this Sunday!

Kids praying
God's been good! Since we moved into our new building, our church started doing Children's church at 9:30 Sunday mornings before our regular service at 10:30. We've seen a lot of great things happen through this. We've had lots and LOTS of outreach, Kid's crusades, and more. A young girl and her brother started coming as a result of Saturday outreach. This past Sunday, we baptized her in Jesus Name! It was so exciting! Her parents came, and were very touched by it. I'm believing God add whole families through this ministry. Please pray for Oakley's Children's Church! Kids are seeking the Holy Ghost and and excited about coming. I know God is going to do many more things through this program!


Carol Connell said...

Amen! Children's church has certainly been exciting and it is a lot of fun too. It's wonderful to see the great things God is doing in our city!

Jennifer Connell said...

Oh yeah mommy it's real great =)