Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God can part your red sea

All of us from time to time go through things that aren't fun -- things that are scary, and things that are hard. I was thinking about how the Children of Israel came to the Red Sea, with the Egyptians pursuing them. To them, the Red Sea was an obstacle. Through their eyes, it probably didn't look like there was too much hope. They were surrounded by problems: The Egyptians being a big problem following them, and the Red Sea being an obstacle in front of them. Through the eyes of men, so many situations in life look impossible. It looks like something bad that we are dreading might just happen to us, or that there is absolutely no way easy out of a trial that we are going through. But if God can part a whole sea of water, He can surely part the raging sea of your life, and make a way out of no way. That's what our God does! I'm here to tell you that if you are going through something that you don't understand, or something that scares you and you're wondering how it's going to end up, believe that Jesus wants to make a way out. If we put our faith in Him and live for Him with all our hearts, He will help us through the storms of life. If God can do it for the Children of Israel, He can do it for you! ONLY believe!

I just had to throw this last picture in cause I thought it was funny!

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