Friday, October 30, 2009

Where is God? No. Where are YOU?

God promised us He would never leave us nor forsake us. The Bible also says He is the same yesterday, today, forever. He is ALWAYS there for us. Sometimes it feels like God is far away. I've had people tell me "I can't feel God." And they assume He's not there. I've felt that way from time to time. Some people blame God when they go through things. But there's a question to ask yourself. Where am I? Have I been obeying God's word? I'm responsible to find out what's in there and apply it to my life. Have I really been doing that? Have I been praying like I should? Do I spend time with God? God loves you, and if you will do your part He WILL be there. He's always there! But where are you? Are you doing your part? Living for Him like you should be? These are questions we have to ask ourselves.

It's SO important to me that my friends and family, and myself, make it to Heaven. This is real you guys! We really are in a battle for our souls! We fight our own will, our flesh, and the devil everyday! If we don't do our part and stay close to God we can fall into temptation. Don't trust your flesh and put yourself in a position you think you can handle. You might make a huge mistake. Living for God is SO much better than living any other way. Sin might bring pleasure for a moment, but it always destroys. LIVE FOR GOD! Where are you?


Peter Connell said...


That really is a great post - a really great thought! Sometimes we need to ask ourselves penetrating questions as you have done here. I hope that this post speaks to others as it did to me. Thanks.

- Dad

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks Dad!