Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Serve Him through the storm

When all is well, when things are good
It's easy to praise Him like we should
But if you can praise Him through the bad,
It says a lot of where you're at.

Because you see, when times are dark,
So many stop pressing towards the mark.
They compromise when times are hard,
They lose the faith and don't go on ward.

But if you're really in love with God,
You'll hold on when the going gets tough.
Because He's worthy no matter what,
You won't let go, you won't give up.

Are you in love with God, or just His church?
Do you love His Word, or just the fellowship?
It's in trials, when who you are is revealed,
If you want to stand, you'll have to kneel.

If you really love Him and trust Him,
He will see you through the storm
Under the shadow of His wings
You will be safe from harm.

Keep your eyes on Him,
and you will walk on water.
But if you focus on the waves,
you'll begin to falter.

So keep your eyes on Jesus our God,
He'll lead and guide you with His rod
In His time He'll see you through,
For His promise stands: He'll never leave you.

- Jennifer Connell



John said...

An amazing poem. Keep writing!

Just thought I would say hi back.

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks Johnny! =) I only write sometimes when I'm inspired...lol But I will.