Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Difference YOU could make

Just something that's been on my mind, so I wrote a poem about it. Be challenged.

People are hurting, so many are in need
Could you change something if you did a good deed?
Think less about yourself, start thinking more of others
There are kids in broken homes without a father or a mother

What if you made a phone call, or sent a little card?
You might just touch somebody whose heart has been so scarred
Put your arm around a shoulder, say a heart-felt prayer
You could bring a person hope who lives constantly in fear

People starving on the streets, couples going through divorce
Could you intervening change their lives unhappy course?
Bake a family cookies, take someone out to dinner
Your love and prayers and thoughts could help save a weary sinner

They want someone to listen, they are looking for a friend
You doing something about it could bring their misery to an end
We live so much for our own selves, always doing things that please us
Why don't you try living in a way that points someone to Jesus?

Lend a helping hand, let someone know you care
A giving, caring person everyday becomes more rare
Be challenged in your spirit, make a difference in a life
You could help set someone free from loneliness and strife.


Carol Connell said...

Beautiful poem, Jen. This is something that I have thinking about ever since I went to work at that less than desirable house on Monday. Maybe Jesus working through me can make a difference in this family. Thanks for this challenge.


Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks Mom. I hope you can, too!

Kevin J. said...

oh wow, very nice poem. love the end rhyme "please us" and "Jesus"

Jennifer Connell said...


Anonymous said...

Good poem, Jen. Now is a great time to make a difference in someone's life. It doesn't take much. Little is much when GOd is in it. Love you, Aunt Kiki

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks Auntie, you're right. Love you too!

Martin said...

Nice poem! It Got me thinking.
God bless you!