Monday, December 14, 2009

Got directions for the road of life?

Life. My life! Your life! Growing up is a total roller coaster. Don't assume I mean an emotional roller coaster, although it can be at times. I just mean that it is a crazy ride, and you never know which way the road is going to turn. So many things have happened in the past year or two. I now realize that anything can happen at anytime. Life has thrown so many surprises at me while growing up, that I am not as surprised when I do get a surprise. Make sense? Okay, maybe not! Anyhow, get this picture: Your life is a crazy, unpredictable road. Sometimes it goes up, other times, down. Sharp turns come when least expected. There may be some pot holes. Sometimes just a long stretch of the same thing. So you're in the car on the road of your life. You don't know the road. You maybe have learned things about what could be in the road ahead, because of what was in the road behind you, but you still are not sure what could happen. That's why it's best to let God give you directions. God sees everything, He knows what is up ahead for you. When we drive the car of our life without asking God for directions, we will end up lost. We may be going too fast, or sometimes just going at our own pace and taking our time when we should be really trying to get somewhere. God provides directions for us. His Word. Preaching, etc. It's up to you to follow the directions. Don't be too confident or too prideful to think you can get anywhere by yourself. Don't think you can get to heaven your own way, because you can't. You have to follow the directions exactly how God says to, not how you want to. If you don't follow God's directions, you will end up in the wrong place. You might end up crashing. It's so important to follow directions. Don't think you have all the time in the world. Tomorrow is not promised. Sometimes you may be thinking, "Okay God, I'm trying to follow but things aren't looking good right now." Or, "I don't understand why the road is this way. I don't understand where God is taking me." But, we go through things for reasons. They help you to be prepared for next time. It helps you trust the directions that are God given. It can be very hard to trust directions! But do it, and you will get to the right place at the right time. That's all that matters.

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