Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Power

Acts 1:8
You know what is amazing, real, and really WORKS? It's not a comic strip, it's not a superhero, and it's not some make believe story. It's the Holy Ghost! God's Spirit! It's not spooky, it's so real and Jesus is with me all the time. When you receive the Holy Ghost, God's Spirit comes to live inside of you. It gives you power to overcome fear and doubt. It gives you joy when it seems there is nothing to be happy about. It gives you peace when everything around you is going crazy and nothing seems right. Those of you that don't have the Holy Ghost may have wondered about us that do have it. You wonder why we can be happy in hard times. You wonder why live the way we do. You wonder why we go to church all the time. It's because it's SO worth it. You've lived in pain and misery too long. That's all you've known. But you need to believe that there is a better life. Jesus can wash away all your sins and the pain and wounds that come with them. He can give you a clean conscience. He can give you power to overcome your past. We have hope because we know that nothing is impossible with God! He can do ANYTHING. He can forgive and wash away sins! He can heal sick bodies! He can raise people from the dead. He can deliver drug additcts and acohlics from their addictions instantly. He can give sinners a clean conscience! It's real and you need to believe it. Living for God is the best life out there. I know He is going to do great things for ME! And He do great things for YOU too! Those of you who do have the Holy Ghost need to stir up what is within you and realize what God could do if you would live for Him with all your heart and have faith! Don't limit God to what He can do. He can do ANYTHING.


Carol Connell said...

Amen, daughter! There's nothing quite like the Holy Ghost.

Jennifer Connell said...

That's right!