Saturday, March 27, 2010

This post is about what is written below!

I've been working a lot this week! And it's been crazy because the weather is nice and I think kids are still on spring break. People come in, get yogurt, fling toppings everywhere, and pee on the floor! Well not everyone, but a little girl did leave me a nice puddle on the floor today. By the topping bar of all places! I mean, she could have at least peed on the bathroom floor! Oh well, guess she couldn't hold it! It happens! She was little so I understand. I remember one time when I was little...well, never mind! Anyways! I also had an elderly Indian gentlemen come in and insist with a rather loud voice and intense accent that I was his daughter. He kept saying "You are my daughter!!" Then laughing really loud. He told another customer I was his daughter. She was like "Oh, that's your daughter?" I was like, "Um, no I'm not his daughter." lol Then he pointed at her and said she was his sister. Friendly guy! Showed me his 100 dollar bill and then told me we were too expensive. Hehe! Well, just thought I would share my silly incidents with you. Is anyone even reading this for crying out loud? :) Have a lovely day!


me said...

Dahhling.. You've got some interesting things happening to you lately! I dare you to ask all your customers today what their name is. At least one of them has to be named Jennifer, like you!

Jennifer Connell said...

I sure do have some interesting things happen at work! Actually, I find out alot of people are named Jennifer by seeing their name when they use their credit cards! lol They're all older though. Most people named Jennifer are older than me!