Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chicken Gallbladder surprise

I do realize that the picture to the left is pretty disgusting. But, it will make the story better! I think. This is a true story, and it happened at our family dinner table one night while we were eating. My mom roasted a chicken. (reallllllyyy gooood recipe)
Before you roast it you take all the jiblets out. (The guts) Liver, heart, etc. They're edible just in case you weren't aware of that.
Anyhow, my dad likes to eat all that stuff! I don't touch it, I just like the chicken! So he's sitting there eating this stuff, and he took a bit of something. He immediately spit it out and the look on his face was hilarious. What he bit into was something green! He was very concerned about ecoli virus. He called a poison control center and told them about what happened and how he thought it might be ecoli. He was going on and on about how rancid and vile it tasted. I was cracking up. I probably should have been, but the way it happened just seemed so funny. The poison control center told him it was probably the gallbladder that got left in the chicken. So what my dad had started to eat was the chicken's gallbladder! Eww! You just would have had to have been there to see how funny it was. We still joke about it. This happened about a year ago. I could not stop laughing! The reason I decided to post this is because my mom is roasting the same kind of chicken and so I thought about the gallbladder incident. Plus, I needed something to post about! lol Has anyone had a weird experience like this?

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Mossy Mom said...

I bought two packages of chicken livers to go with a chicken I was roasting the three of the gallbladders had not been removed. I've not had that happen before. I accidentally bit into two of them. Very bitter and nasty.