Sunday, April 11, 2010

Posts I like

If you ever get bored reading my blog because I'm not posting enough entertaining or inspirational material, you should consider reading some of these posts. Most of these will encourage you and get you thinking, posted by other people I know. Some of them were posted recently, while the others were posted some time back. Click on them and read them! I like them and I hope you will too.

Lessons In The Shadow - Aunt Kiki
What Really Killed The Cat? - Ari and Jaimee Prado
Matroshka Maladies - Ari and Jaimee Prado
The Danger Of Bad Breath - Learn to Laugh
One Flaw In Women - Sis. Kolej
Oh Be Careful Little Eyes - Mom (Sis. Connell)
Thoughts - Cait Kimbley
Encourage Yourself - John Kimbley
Gotta Have Faith - Kate Rogers

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