Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pentecostal Bloopers

We Pentecostals ALL have stories of funny things that have happened in church. I have laughed myself silly over things I have seen and heard that happened during a church service. It's fun living for God. :) Elder Morton always says that...and it's so true! Living for Jesus is the best life out there. Here are some things I have either seen, heard, or heard about that have happened in church:

Short little Bro. E**** is running the aisles at lightening speed. Big Sis. D***** is running the aisles going the opposite way. Both are worshipping God and getting into the service. They are both getting closer and closer to the back of the church. The people on the platform are cringing. Then it happens. BAM! They collide in the back of the church. Bro. E****'s legs are still going. He bounces of Sis. D***** 3 times, because he couldn't get around her and kept running right back into her. Everyone on the platform is laughing.

Pastor So and So is standing behind the pulpit. His son is on the drums and his wife is on the organ. His pants were way too big so he wore his belt very tight. A little too tight. So tight, it couldn't take it anymore and busted. His pants fell to his ankles. His wife and son were laughing. At least he was behind the pulpit!

A brother was preaching about how he had seen people convicted and how they had started taking care of things in their lives that needed to be taken care of. "I've seen ladies take their make up off - ah! I've seen 'em take their jewelry off - ah! I've even seen 'em take their pants off -ah!" Oops.

A brother was running the aisles at church and worshipping the Lord --- with his eyes closed! He ran right into the wall and broke his glasses. I think after that he paid more attention to the verse that says "watch and pray."

A sister church of ours had a lot of saints gone helping at a youth camp -- including the musicians. So a young man who could play just a little bit stepped in to help. They have a nice, high tech keyboard. I believe for altar he was playing the song "I feel Jesus," when he accidentally hit the techno button a beat started playing instead. I think that ended altar call...


Well, that's just a few! Which one was funniest? Leave me a comment about something you have heard or experience like that in a church service.


analizle09 said...

"I've seen ladies take their make up off - ah! I've seen 'em take their jewelry off - ah! I've even seen 'em take their pants off -ah!"


This was the perfect post for a borring sat night lol thanks.

Jennifer Connell said...

lol You're welcome. The reason I posted it is because my Saturday night was boring. Guess it helped both of us!

Joel and Angela said...

I think the running into each other was funny! Though here is a funny story I have lady coming back from the bathroom with her skirts tucked into her nylons, and walking all the way to the front of the church. How embarassing! LOL

Jennifer Connell said...

LOL! I have heard about that! I normally double check before I leave a restroom to walk into embarrassing! lol Thanks for commenting! :)

Charity said...

ps another funny: A sister left her lapel mic on when she went to the bathroom at a conference....oops!!

Charity said...

funniest one....absolutely the techno altar call....being a musician I can identify with the horror of being that pianist. How hilarious (after the fact)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol!! That's all epic!!