Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ever since iPods came out, there's been an iCraze! I found some of these online and thought they were kind of funny.
iEat! Sho nuff honey!
This one reminds me of my dog! lol
Hallelujah! Couldn't resist throwing a piano in there. :)
iPray! Thank God for prayer - a place where we can touch Him.
On a side note, I would recommend reading this post by Sis. Siena over at the Polished Plume. It's a great post and important for young people to read and understand. God Bless!!

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Hanna said...

How neat!! I especially like the iEat one haha, jk jk =)I really like the iFast, iPray, iServe one. It takes the emphasis off of "i", something this generation needs to work on MUY MUCHO.

Your Kindred ;)