Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don't waste your potential!

The youth service this past Friday was a blessing! The preaching was really good and I know that God really helped some struggling young people. When I saw all of these kids praying and being touched of God, it just gave me even more of a burden for young people. So much potential was in the room! Bro. Hyler III preached a message entitled, "Wasted Potential." He talked about the prodigal son and how he went out and wasted his inheritance. Bro. Hyler said he would like the inheritance to represent the prodigal son's potential.

When the prodigal son came back to the Father's house, he got all the love back, peace, joy, and the blessings of the Father's house. But the one thing that he could never get back was his inheritance. (His potential) He could never be what he could have been before.

The longer you stay away from God, the more potential you waste. You can always come back and get everything under the blood of Jesus, and you can become something for God - but you can't be what you could have been. It's time for more young people to commit to God. It's worth it and it's the best life you could ever have!