Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloee!

Happy 16th birthday to my wonderful friend Chloee! Or should I say "hoppy birthday bunny!" (Inside joke!) She is a very sweet and pretty girl and she stays sweet even when hard things come her way. I'm proud of her. :) Love you Chloee! I hope you have a FABULOUS day!


EliBunny said...

Way to crop me out Bunny! hahahaha Yes Hoppy Birthday to my lil Sis! :)
Hmmmm I guess this requires a lil surprise at Wcc! hahaha Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Aww Thanks Bunny! You made my day! :) I love you so much...Just three more days until your big day! Whoo hoo We get to do more bunny hopping! hehe

I love you lots of lettuce and carrots! hehe

Anonymous said...

Ooops!! I meant four more days until your birthday!!! :) Love you girly!

Carrot top haha

Jennifer Connell said...

Eli - Sorry I cropped you out! I was trying to focus on the birthday girl! LOL Oh great, really looking forward to the "surprise." :) You are too funny. Love you too!

Cholee - You're welcome, you deserve it! Yes, glad you're counting down until my birthday! lol Love you loads of cabbage! ;)