Friday, November 26, 2010

More West Coast Pictures

Hi Abel! At Country Waffles
Umm? Yeah.
We were tired! Elissa, me, and Nancy
My friends are fun!
Sorry. :)
Jeremy and Cassy
I see some bunnies! lol (you know who you are)
Aww - Me, Hanna, Nancy, and Cassy!
We were very tired folks....
Cassy, Hanna, Angel, and Brittany!
Eliana and I! We finally got a good pic together!
Mesgana with a bowl of candy? lol

Group shot at Country Waffles


EliBunny said...

Aww Bunny! I love the pic of us! Super hoppily cute:) But the first one where it was spot the bunnies I don't like haha But, it was a good time! I'm so glad I got to see you and Hannah, and Cassy! And Brandon, and Jeremy, and Abel, and Coco! So much fun! I love you bunches!!

Jennifer Connell said...

I like the pic of us too! Hoppily cute? lol Of course. ;) We all had a really good time! Love you too!!