Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another post with no particular title. Just me talking!

I haven't posted in about 8 days! Guess I've been pretty busy these days with everything going on. God has really been moving in our services and changing us so we are extending our revival for at least another week. We had a good move of God on Sunday; He is so good to us! I'm thankful for preachers who have a burden to do the will of God! Just one person obeying God can affect so many other people - if one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight!

I'm still working full time, though praying about a different job. I'm at a point in my life where I really need to rely on God and trust in Him. But it has been good for me and I know that God will bring me through! He has definitely been working on me this year and has done so much in me, and I know there will be a testimony at the end of all of this. I'm just believing God's word!

Yesterday at work I was cutting some fruit when I looked down and realized that there was a scary looking spider crawling on my hand. Now first you must understand that I am absolutely terrified of spiders - big time! I immediately freaked out which resulted in me throwing the fruit and beating on my hand to get the spider off. Too bad I forgot I had a knife in my hand! And we had no band aids either. Oh well! I guess it probably looked pretty funny with me freaking out like that - good thing nobody saw me! Or at least I don't think they did! :0

Well that is my update for the day. I must run and get ready for work! God bless!

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