Monday, January 31, 2011

1st day of training!

Today was my first day of the 2 week training period I am going through for my new job. It went well and I am already learning a lot! It was a bit of an information overload, and from what I know it will be like this most of the week. But that's OK. I've got the job and I know God will help me to do well in it! We did an autism overview and the ABC's of autism. Autism is definitely on the rise and there are all sorts of different theories out there as to why it is increasing. It's also at least 4x more common in males.
We might not understand everything or what causes it all, but I know that God can use me to help these kids and their families. Not just because of my job, but because I have the Holy Ghost and God can touch their minds if someone will pray for them. Psychiatrists may say that autism is treatable, but not curable, but God can cure anything. :)

Please keep me in your prayers!


Heather K Kendrick said...

My twin sisters son has autism. He is very high functioning,and is mainstreamed in a regular class. Will be praying that God will use you in these children's lives. Much Love, Heather <3

Carol Connell said...


You are right. God can touch the minds of these children if someone will pray for them. I have had more of a burden to pray for the kids I work with in the past few weeks, and I thank God for even the smallest amounts of progress that I see in them. I know you'll do great, and God will use you to help these kids and their families.

Love you!

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi Sis. Heather!

Thanks for commenting! Thanks for the prayers. :)


Thank you. I know it will be exciting.

The Polished Plume said...


That is so awesome! My brother was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 (1991). I know you'll work well with the kids!