Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally a road trip update!

So I finally get to make a little update entry here! I tried sign in to my blog at the last hotel but the internet was having problems. So here I am, and our trip is basically over now. We're leaving in the morning and coming back to California, so we should be back at our house in about 3 days. We stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way up to Texas and it was amazing! Pictures don't do the place justice. God truly is an incredible artist! We stayed one night in Williams, Arizona, and it was such a cute little town. All the people seemed to know eachother and they were so friendly! I think we are going to stay there on the way back.

The Theological Forum was really good! I learned some things and met some people. Then we had good church with the Paces on Friday night and both services today. The people were so sweet and I had a nice time there. I took some pictures but won't be able to post them until I get home. A few interesting things I have seen/tasted on this trip - saw: A buffalo, a ghost town, a lady walk directly into a tree, snow in the desert, and probably more. lol And I tasted fried pickles and fried alligator. Interesting! The fried alligator actually tasted like a chicken nugget so I did okay with that. Anyhow I am sleepy and must arise in the morning, so this is the end of my post. Will post more soon!


jen lord said...

How COOL is this?!?! I love making friends w/ people who blog! I know that I've seen "jennifer elise" before but I would've never made the connection! SO great having you guys with us! Hoping for a Safe journey home for you! :)

Jennifer Connell said...

lol I didn't make the connection until Sis. McElhaney said to give Jen Lord a big hug for her. I didn't see her comment until after I said bye to you. :( So *HUG* lol

jen lord said...

I LOVE her to PIECES!! Seriously, I get tears in my eyes thinking of Sis. McElhaney, lol!

We hugged last night so you did fulfill her request, yay!

Jennifer Connell said...

Awww, that is so sweet Jen! Now you have to come to California and visit us. :)