Friday, January 28, 2011

Texas Road Trip and pics!

What a trip! This was the longest road trip I have ever been on. The first day we drove to Williams, Arizona, where we spent the night. It was such an adorable little place and the people were extremely friendly! Historic Route 66 runs right through Williams and there were so many neat little places there. The next day we drove to the Grand Canyon and it sure was grand! God amazes me - people can speculate and say what they want to say about creation, but I know who the Creator is! The same day we drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and stayed the night there. Then we drove on to Texas and we were there for about 4 and a half days. My dad spoke at the Apostolic Theological Forum where he presented a paper on the Fear of the Lord. Unfortunately I was sick and didn't get to be there for his presentation, but I did get to hear the CD. He did a good job! Then Friday night we went to the Pace's church in Dallas and my dad preached there. They had an awesome church and the people were so sweet! It's so wonderful to know we have brothers and sisters in Jesus all over the country, and all over the world for that matter. My mom and I went to their ladies fellowship on Saturday at one of the sister's houses and we had a good time. Sis. Pace did a little lesson on modesty and it was really good. I appreciate people like that!

My dad preached both services on Sunday and we had good church! It was a blessing to me to be able to be there and receive something from God. Thank God for His refreshing touch! We left Monday afternoon and drove to Albuquerque again where we stayed the night. The next day we met my dad's cousin and aunt, who I have never met before. We ate with them at a restaurant near our hotel and we had a good time visiting with them. My dad's cousins daughter (my 2nd cousin) is going to school out here in the bay area and we will meet her really soon. I am looking forward to it! After that we to the museum of Nuclear Science and History and looked around. Then we went on a little hike and saw some Indian Petroglyphs in the rocks - that was pretty neat!

Then we drove to Flagstaff, Arizona and stayed the night. The next morning my dad surprised us and said, "Wake up! You guys are going on an air tour of the Grand Canyon!" My brother was so excited because he loves airplanes and wants to be a pilot. So Paul and I got in a little plane and flew through the Grand Canyon. It was so incredible! I loved it! If you're ever there, do it! It's worth it! We drove home that night and got in a 3 in the morning. Nothing like my own bed! We had a good time but it is so good to be back! Okay, and now for the pictures...

Jen!!! She was awesome....she has a beautiful name. lol
Elissa and I at ladies fellowship
Some of the guys after church
Dad preaching
Elissa and Rhonda. Lovely cousins!
Elissa and I again - Sunday night.
A bunch of us at a Cajun place called "Razoo's."
Cousin Kiki, aunt Mary, and our family.

The sky was so pretty!
LOL! Looking out at the city!
Behold! King of the world? lol

Paul's stud shot
You can see a Petroglyph on the big rock
Dad holding Paul in the palm of his hand
So strong!

The tour plane
Picture from the plane

In Williams - cute little buildings!

Route 66


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys made it home safe! looks like you guys a great time and great church! love ya!

Naomi said...

enjoyed your pics!!

Karen said...

What an awesome trip and a wonderful time you all had! So thrilled that you got to do that. And the flight over the grand canyon must've been spectacular. When we go to Kauai, we plan to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon of Waimea and the Na Pali Coast. Thankful you all made it home safely. Love you! Aunt Kiki

Anali V. said...

Lucky girl, I want to go on a road trip :(

Nice pictures by the way

jen lord said...

Yay, you guys made it home safe! :)

You're pictures are great!

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks everyone! :)