Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hanna Hanna is a post just for you! I love you lots and I'm thankful to have a friend like you. You have been a big blessing to me and I'm glad you are my kindred! ;)

Hanna is:
Well, lots of fun!! She loves to laugh.
Always ready to grub - she gets it from her brothers.
She's a great friend to a lot of people and a big help to them...
She's a preacher of the Word...okay, well, not really. Hah!
Hanna when she was little....awww.
She is beautiful inside and out

Did I mention she is fun and loves to eat? Yeah... :)

Love you girl. Just couldn't help myself today. :)


Anali V. said...

I love her too :)
By the way, all of the pictures are so stolen from her blog. How original lol

Hanna said...

Jen Jen Jen! I'm speechless...that is so sweeeet of you :) I was not expecting that lol, what a surprise. I am so thankful for you too Jen, our friendship really means a lot to me. I love you and may we grow old side by side, kindred's forever!

Hanna said...

O and those pictures...well, um ya. Lol.

Jennifer Connell said...


2 of them were mine, the rest of them I stole. lol What can I say?

Hanna - Well you know, if those are the only kinds of pictures you take, well...haha. Yes, may we grow old and stay kindreds. LOL! Love ya.