Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tantrums and Playdough!

Day 3 of shadow training, and I have already experienced some interesting behaviors, good and bad. My second session, one of my kids threw a big 10 minute tantrum - screaming, crying, throwing self on floor, kicking, grabbing. My my my. I also had another kid try to bite me, but I moved my hand away before he could. I guess they all have their good days and bad days. Many of the kids love Playdough! I still like it myself! :) And they absolutely love bubbles! One of my kids says "Ba-bow" for bubbles, and "bow" for blow. It's so cute!
I never really know what to expect when showing up to a new house, so it's been pretty interesting. God is good, and He is helping me get used to this! I love interacting with the kids most, it's just all the data sheets and programs that get my head all jumbled up sometimes! But I will get there. When God gives you something, He'll help you with it! I am learning more and more to really trust God and that nothing is impossible with Him. Sometimes we may wonder why we are in certain positions or circumstances where we don't know what to do, but many times, it's just God wanting to see if we will trust Him. He loves me, so I can trust Him. :) Off to my next session pretty soon, so hopefully no tantrums or bites today! More posts soon!

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Hanna said...

Yikes! Your level of patience is probably going to double by the time you're done with training, Jen. Lol!