Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oncourse - More pics

The remaining pictures from OnCourse are basically at restaurants, as you can see. Ha! That's what all Pentecostals know how to do really well: eat!

Saturday morning breakfast at Country Waffles
Everyone signed Abel's birthday card

Bro. and Sis. Kolej

Getting down to business Bro. Brian and Sis. Siena
Abel got silly stringed!

Bekka and Nancy

Bell, myself, my brother, and Matt.

Saying goodbye, always the hard part.


Kendrea said...

You two look cute together♥

Anali V. said...

Geesh, could I make an even uglier face. Lol

Can't wait to see you again!

Eliana said...

Bunny! haha I had fun watching seeing you and Sahata in action finally! ;) hehe It was soooooo good seeing you at Oncourse! Hoppfully we'll see each other at Pacific Coast! Love you!

Jennifer Connell said...

Kendrea - Thank you. :) And good to hear from you!

Anali - It was a lovely face. Ha! If you can't wait to see me again then you should definitely come visit me!

Eliana - Haha, did you? You're funny. It was really good to see you too! Love you too!

Hanna said...

Lovely! Lol. Good times, good memories.