Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Summer time is just around the corner! I like summer because of fun trips and cool treats. :)
Going to the beach
Getting/making smoothies

Pretty summer sights

Sometimes in the summer time it gets really easy to kick back and get comfortable or even lazy, especially those who don't work and are out of school for summer. Along with all the nice things that summer brings, I look forward to spiritual experiences the most, like at Pacific Coast Camp. Summer is fun but it's not a time to forget about God and get lazy! I'm thankful that God is with us all year round! He doesn't take vacations from us and we should never take a vacation from Him.


Hanna said...

Meeee toooo can't wait for summer cuz that means no school and I can come visit you yay! And I am so looking forward to family camp too!

Eliana said...

Those smoothies look sooooooo good! :) I'm glad there is never a vacation from God as well...prayer is so important! I'm excited for family camp too! I can't wait to see you guys for a week and touch God again!

Jennifer Connell said...

Hanna - I know! You really need to come stay with me this summer. :) And I can't wait until family camp, it's going to be good!

Eliana! I'm glad there is never a vacation from him either! I've heard of some churches that take the summer off like it's school! Crazy huh?