Monday, April 11, 2011

Food Art

After seeing these pictures it made me think that someone has got a lot of time on their hands! Or maybe they do it for a business, which could be kind of fun. Maybe. :) Broccoli....poodle?
Hot rod carrot car
Panda Sushi

A lobster! Actually, just fruit. :)

Very interesting! It would be kind of funny to serve dinner this way though! You know, make a nice "lobster" dinner at a great price! lol


EliBunny said...

I like the carrot one! lol They should have put a bunny there :) Love you!

Jennifer Connell said...

Lol! They should have. Love you too, bunches of carrots!

Hanna said...

Wow, intereeesting lol. I'm not to appetized by the mouse or hamster thing on the carrots. Everything else looks good, almost too good to eat lol :P

Jennifer Connell said...

I'm not appetized by it either. Actually none of it really, it just looks neat.