Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay, well, not that busy. (Referring to the picture) But busy enough to not be posting regularly on the blog. Oh well, I guess it's a good thing! I've been pretty busy with work and church related activities. God is good! This past Saturday we had a decorating day at church for the new kid's quarter we just started for Kid's Church: A Fruitful Life. The kids are learning about the fruit of the Spirit. It's such a cute theme! I have some pictures that I'll post later! I think this is one of my favorite themes we have done. There's an orchard scene with fruit trees, the sun peeking up, and hills in the background. The middle has a tree, a picket fence, sun flowers, and a watermelon patch. Then the other side is the barn with little hay bales and a vineyard. And clouds! So cute! I love it!

Last Thursday Bro. Savala preached for us, and it was an AMAZING message on the importance of water baptism in Jesus Name. I have never heard it preached from this perspective, it was incredible. I might do a little post later explaining what he talked to us about in more detail. We had good services Sunday as well. I love church!

I went to visit a girl yesterday that has came to our church a couple times before with her twin sister. She should be having her baby any time now, and there have been some complications. Her mom told me she was going to call me and ask me to pray. People may not always remember what doctrine you believe, but if you are living right they will know that you can touch God for them. Her mom is thinking about coming to church as well, and I know God will really touch her. It's amazing the things that people go through, and all without knowing God. I want to introduce them to Him.

That's all for now! Have a good week living for Jesus!

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