Monday, May 23, 2011

God is good!

Our interent has been down and I'm logged in through dial up right now. It's pretty slow! I just wanted to post real quick about yesterday. We had an awesome church service and we really heard from God. There was a word of prophecy and it ended with "this is the generation to whom all things are come, even my coming."

God is coming back soon, and we need to be ready!

He really touched me last night in my spirit and I needed it. I'm thankful God knows what we need and is right there for us! He is so good to bless us the way He does!


Chloee said...

Wow. God is truly so amazing. We need to be ready... Thanks for all your posts Bunny, you always have a word of wisdom!
Love you!

Hanna said...

aMEN! Especially after today (which I will tell you about Saturday), I really realllyy see that this world is going down and it's only a matter of time. I can't wait to say "Halle-" here and "-lujah" there, COME LORD JESUS!

singingismything said...

I agree with chloee:) You are wise beyond your years;) and i feel proud to call you friend!

Started a blog so i can post about my exciting travels!;-p still under construction though...

I hope to see you soon!! <3

singingismything said...

btw if my name didnt come up(still trying to figue out my new profile lol) this is cassia!

Jennifer Connell said...

Chloee - God really is amazing, and you're right, we do need to be ready! Love you too!

Hanna - We STILL need to have our talk that we never had! lol

Cassia!! - It was so good to see you on Memorial Day! I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog yet, we just got our regular internet back up today! Your comment was so sweet. :) Hmm, and why does it say "singingismything" when you wouldn't even sing on Monday? lol