Saturday, July 30, 2011

Service last night in Berkeley!!

Last night we went to church in the interesting city of Berkeley, CA. If you have been there, you know what I mean. We had church with their church, and we had such an awesome service. If you live in Berkeley you need to go to International Pentecostal Church on Chestnut St! There were not many people there and it was in a small space, but God moved all over everyone in that place. Bro. Baker was supposed to be preaching but him and his wife sang a couple songs and God just took over. After we had prayed a while, Bro. Baker got up and said a few words to the young people he felt he should say. It was really good.

Afterwards they fed all of us chicken, rice, and salad. I didn't have dinner that night, so I got seconds. :) Thank you to the Pastor's wife for cooking for everyone! (Sis. Kifle) It was great to be with their family, especially HANNA! We had a good time catching up and fellowshipping. Hope we do it again!

On the way home we had a fun car ride. My mom and 2 girls from our church were singing really loud and "having church." lol Pentecostals know how to have FUN!

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