Monday, July 25, 2011

Youth Service with Burbank Youth

The week after Pacific Coast Camp, Elder and Sister White came to be with us and brought their youth group! Elder White preached a great message, "Overcoming Satan's Bluff." We had a good altar call and fellowship afterwards. Some young people from a couple other churches came to be with us as well. They were a blessing to our church!

Elder Phil White

Eliana's poor broken toe...

Abel, all that 2 baskets of food? And what's that symbol in the corner of the table? lol :)

Kindreds :)

I was bearing Eliana's burden.

Does that guy have a purse? Wonder who that Won't mention any names. No, don't worry, it wasn't his. But that's what happens when you decide to wear one, people take pictures.

This picture is priceless. Meaning, no price. It's free...nobody wants it. lol Just kidding. :)


Kathy McElhaney said...

That's a whole bunch of fine young people right there! Glad they were a blessing.

Anali V. said...

Lol kindred! You crack me UP! hahahaha that picture of Abel made me lol. You made me LOL again with that last "priceless" picture. LOL!

Eli said...

Jen Bunny!
Wow...this feels like so long ago! I had sooo much fun with you and your church when we went over there! You all have a great church going on there and I'm praying that God blesses you all even more! It was quite an experience going with a broken toe...thanks for sharing the burden haha :) Miss and love ya lots!

Jennifer Connell said...

Sis McElhaney, they were a blessing!! :)

Anali - The "priceless" line just came to me naturally. lol Thanks.

Eli - I know, time flies! I was so glad your youth group got to come down here and be a blessing to our church. Thanks for the prayers, God really has been blessing our church and we have been having really good services! Miss and love you too!