Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A friend visiteth when possible

That's the proverb of the day. Yes, I made it up. lol My friend Anali finally came to visit me today, and we had a good time. Went and had a late breakfast, then hit up Target and Barnes N Noble. We also played piano and sang at my house. She is going to hopefully teach me some Spanish songs since we have Spanish people coming to our church. :)

It was really nice to have someone come visit me, it means a lot when someone drives an hour to spend time with you! Considering most of my friends are long distance and I am normally going where all of them are.

Thanks Anali, love you!

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Anali V. said...

LOL adding to the word of God I see? Haha it was GREAT seeing you! I shall do it more often now that I see my little car survived.

Love you too :D