Sunday, April 15, 2012

Praise report!

Wow, God is good all the time!

Much has happened and God deserves the praise! After being a bit anxious trying to find a house, it looks like we finally found the right house for us! My parents and I went and looked at it today. We've been running out of time but God sure knows how to come in right on time! I knew He would work it all out anyways. So, we have a move coming up soon and lots of packing to do.
But, we will have a house! Thank God! He is our provider!

Today we had AWESOME church services! God took over the whole service this morning while we were singing and it basically turned into a big prayer meeting. The presence of God was so strong, and everyone there was blessed. One teenage girl received the Holy Ghost!! And many saints were re-filled.

Recently, a girl that has been coming to our church told us about a problem she had with her foot. She was in pain and the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on, and the x-ray showed that her foot was crooked. They wrapped up her foot and she was still in pain. We prayed for her foot and on her next x-ray, the doctors couldn't figure out why her foot was straight! But I know why, it's because God answers prayer, and there is power in His name- Jesus! She told us her foot no longer hurts! Thank God! He is our healer!

God is just doing great things in our local church and it is VERY exciting! There is nothing like the work of God! I'm glad to be a part of something that is mucher greater than I! :) God bless!

If God has done something good for you too, share it!

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jen lord said...

Such a great praise report!!