Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Merry Heart

As life gets busy and things wear us down, it can be easy for us to become discouraged, down, sometimes even lethargic. It's never good for one to be in any of these places, especially for too long a period of time. Un-invited circumstances happen to us all; maybe just not at the same time. If we are not careful, we'll lose our joy and can become like the rest of the world. The world needs to see that we handle our problems differently than they do. Not because we are better, but because we have the Spirit of God in us to help us through the hard times. With the economy being so bad, it's taken a toll on the health of many. People are stressed out because they have no peace in knowing a God that will take care of them. We as Apostolics need to cast our care on Him, AND leave them there! Many times we cast our care on Him with a fishing pole, only to reel our cares right back in.  We
can have peace and JOY, even in the difficult times. This is what the world needs to see. We are human, just like them, but we are a happy people because God is our help in time of trouble. He has saved us, blessed us, and He is with us through the storms of life.

Proverbs 17:22 says, A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
 There have been times in my life I felt so down and discouraged with the things of life that had come my way. But after a good prayer meeting, I felt so different - so light at heart! There have been times I've walked in to church with not much to offer, and left feeling so happy and so encouraged! It wasn't because my circumstances had changed just yet, but it was knowing that God touched me and He was still in control. Knowing that I could trust Him to take care of me made my heart light.
Last Friday night some of our youth group gathered for prayer. It had been a long week and I was tired and honestly not feeling very 'light at heart.' A new convert walked in and I could tell she was really down and looked as if she had been crying. I tried to encourage her and we began to take prayer requests. We prayed for certain members of her family who are coming against her for the decision she has made to live for God. We also prayed that God would open her left ear, since something was wrong with it and it was closed inside. Another young man wanted prayer for more work. We began to pray and the power of God began to move in that place with only 7 young people there in the building. I went up to the altar and began to pray with our new convert who was praying earnestly. I could feel something begin to break in the Spirit. It got so loud in there with just the few of us there, and the presence of God was undeniable. I suddenly felt victory, I felt joy! SO much joy, in fact, that I started laughing hysterically!! The prayer meeting had settled down, and there I was laughing uncontrollably. I could hear some snickers (which I can't blame them, it IS funny seeing someone laugh in the Holy Ghost) but I just couldn't stop. It was a gut wrenching laughter I could not control. The words kept going through my mind, "devil, you're an idiot!" I felt such victory! Something had happened and I didn't know what, but I felt so good!

Later on that night, our new convert text me and said "Praise be to God! For He has opened my left ear."

On Monday night we met again for prayer. She was in much better Spirits. God is working on that family member that is giving her trouble. The young man reported he had gotten more work! God had answered our prayers.

I won't forget that night. I won't forget the joy I felt. The mood was so light after prayer! Something had happened!

Thanks be to God that even though our circumstances may not change right away, we CAN have JOY in those times. We can be free of worry. We can be happy. It is good for us, and it is was the world NEEDS to see! They are looking for joy and cannot find it. But they will see it in us if we continue to carry everything to God in prayer.

A Merry Heart Doeth Good like a Medicine!


Anali V. said...

Something like this was preached recently, and it is true. We need to show the world we have something that they DON'T.

That speaks louder than words.

Carisa Luisa said...

Great post, Jen!! It made my heart smile ;)

Jennifer Connell said...

Anali, amen!

Carisa - Nice to hear from you!! Hope to see you soon!

Mary Frances said...

Wish I coulda been there for this!!! :)