Saturday, January 26, 2013

Introducing: The TV B-Gone

Some of you may have already heard of or experienced using this clever little invention: The TV B-Gone.
What is a TV B-Gone? A small device that can turn off just about any TV in America! My dad has one which he ordered online quite some time back. We have had our share of fun with it, that's for sure. Read more details HERE.

Picture yourself at Applebee's after an evening service. People go to the bar section to drink and specifically watch TV (Sports, etc.) Big screens in every corner, people gaping at them with mouths open so wide that flies are going in and out. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the picture.

Perfect 'TV B-Gone' opportunity. Everyone at the table is trying not to smile or make anything obvious. Hmm-Dee-Hmm-Hmm, just sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting for our food. Or not!
We discretely hold the button down while pointing in the direction of one of the many TVs. About 20 seconds or more goes by. Suddenly, the screen goes dark. Mission accomplished!
People start looking around and at each other with that 'what just happened?!' expression. They begin getting up to find the waiter and tell him the TV turned off. The waiter comes out, looks at the TV with a puzzled expression, then turns it back on for them. Everything goes back to normal... for a few minutes. (Hehe) After about 3 minutes, the screen turns off again, thanks to the bunch of Apostolics trying to look normal at that table over there. The scenario repeats. The waiter brings more staff out, who are all puzzled as to why the TV keeps shutting off. It's actually quite funny! Just don't get caught using it!
Honestly, it's amazing to me just how extremely addicted people are to TV. And they KNOW it's not good. How many times have I told someone I don't have a TV or watch any TV and they practically applauded me, saying, "Wow, that's good!!" (Of course after they got over the shock and asked the "How do you live without TV?!" question.)  I came across some information online of a young couple who were doing the "No TV for a year experiment." You can read their story HERE. One of the things that made them want to stop with the TV watching was that they noticed the lack of social interactment with others, less time being spent with family, etc. Not only is TV full of things vile, (which nobody that calls themselves a Christian should be watching) but it wastes precious time that can be spent with family members. TV has definitely ruined society and families. They are like strangers living in the same house. I'm so thankful to have grown up in the church and raised with NO TV - like it should be.
After working with young kids in their homes for about 2 years, I've seen how much parents rely on TV to entertain their children, and sadly, to get them out of their hair. Scenario: The child is hyper, bored, getting into things, and running around. Instead of the parent properly disciplining or teaching their child, they simply turn the TV on to ease their frustration and give themselves a break from their kid whom they don't feel like dealing with. The child then becomes glued to the screen. You can say their name and they won't respond. They lose interest in just about every thing else around them. It amazes me the number of kids that grow up their whole life right in front of a big screen. There are small children that have TV's in their bedrooms. I've worked in small places where it is obvious the parents don't have much money - but when you look in the corner, there's the big screen! People can live in shacks but they gotta have their TV.
Apostolics agree with this of course. However, we must be careful with the technology of our day. There is internet, iPhones, skype, and more. If we don't guard our spirits, a TV B-Gone won't work. Just because you don't have a TV in your living room doesn't mean it's okay to spend all day on YouTube or watching videos on your phone. If we know it's wrong to have a TV with those things, why should we watch any of those same things on a different device? It's the same spirit behind it all. The devil has come in the back door and stolen the family lives and holiness of many Apostolics via technology. What's more important? Being entertained, or spending time with your family? Having the latest and the greatest, or making it to heaven? Even things are not considered bad can take over if we are not careful. Phone, games, apps, and yes, blogging! Anything that we allow to 'take over' or anything we allow in front of God is an idol.
God, I want to please you in these last days. Don't let me or my family fall into the trap which many have already fallen into. If we would take heed to the second part of the first commandment, everything would be okay.
Deu_6:5And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

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