Monday, April 22, 2013

10 years!

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years that we have been in Oakley.

I cannot express how thankful I am for the wonderful people that God has placed in my life: Elders, peers, close friends, and acquaintances alike. Those who do well don't do well alone - those who are doing well are products of the lives and giving of others. While we must of course have our minds made up to serve God no matter what, we do need each other; especially in these closing days of time.

This past Friday and Saturday we celebrated our church's 10 year anniversary.  I cannot explain how blessed I was by all the good people of God - ministry and saints alike - who came and showed their love and support. The preaching was wonderful and I am so grateful and overwhelmed by how good God is to us! One thing is for sure - when we serve God like we should, we will bring strength to others. I can't count how many times some body's walk with God strengthened me. Just being around people of like precious faith is a blessing! I want to be that for others.

Thank you to everyone who came, called, and sent love and support! We would never had made it this far if it wasn't for all of you who have been there for us over the years.

I deeply appreciate my church family here in Oakley and am thankful for each and every one of you! :)

God bless! I'll end up posting later...sometime. :)



Brandon Hodge said...

I completely agree with you. It was such a blessing to be around those of like precious faith and to celebrate with you guys. It's awesome that Oakley has such a strong family! It was nice to finally meet you by the way!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Thank you!

Frances Kendrick said...

Please extend to your family a Happy 10th Anniversary. Your family is in our prayers...that God will bless your work. I know he already has, we have heard many good reports!

Sis. Kendrick &
The Kendrick Family

Jennifer Connell said...

Thank you very much, Sis. Kendrick! We appreciate the prayers!