Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PCC 2013

PCC this year was very memorable, enjoyable, and greatly blessed me spiritually. I had a great time of fellowship seeing old friends and making new; and most importantly, I got something from God, which is what I really wanted. This is what matters most. Here are a few pics from camp.
 On the way to camp! Me and the girls. :) Plus Matthew's photo bomb. I should mention that Matthew received the Holy Ghost at camp!! Thank God!

                           KENDRA! We finally took a pic! lol

                           I love Jelani's face here....he is such a little clown!
                   Cheering on the sidelines for team 1! We didn't come in first but we sho had spirit! lol

                                           The Marchbanks girls planning their

                                             Lovely miss Angel!
                                     Team 1 about to play football

 Chloee and I - plus Angelo's photo bomb, if you look closely. lol

 Marissa took one for the team and decided to wear her knee cap to the side. :0
 Hanna on the way
The grapvine

That's it for now - I hope everyone was as blessed as I was!! God bless!


Destiny Hyler said...

I missed it! :(
Sounds like it was great as usual!

Kathy McElhaney said...

Boo hoo!! The more camp pictures I see, the more I miss it!

Anali said...

Hanna looks like a T... lol never mind. lol

Mary Frances said...

Hanna looks like a T??? LOL I was thinkin she looked very ETHNIC..AHAHA!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Destiny and Sis. M - Missed both of you! I of course noticed your absense. Hope to see you next year at camp! Love you both!

Mary, I think Anali was gonna say terrorist...? haha

Kendra Thaler said...

I had so much fun! So glad Brendan and I got to come up :) awesome preaching!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

I'm glad you guys got to come up, too! It was lots of fun, and yes, the preaching was definitely awesome! I will not forget Tues. night's message!