Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Excitement and my Excuses for not Blogging

This summer is going to be a very exciting one! Things have been extremely busy, thus the slack in my blog posts. Sunday night we are leaving for Pacific Coast Camp in Ventura, CA! I am SO looking forward to this and the much needed time of fellowship and Word of God. I know I will be greatly blessed, as I always am when I go. Thank God for people with vision who are willing to sacrifice their time. My life has been changed because of this camp! I can definitely say I have had some landmark experiences in this camp and I'm so grateful.
 Then, next month, we're off to Peru! It's hard to believe that this is almost here! I am greatly looking forward to this experiences and want to be a blessing, and also receive a blessing from being there! I'm sure I'll have plenty of blogging to do towards the end of summer. :) We are headed to Lima and are also hoping to be able to visit Machu Picchu (lost city of the Incas) Hopefully we end up having the funds to do so! If not, oh well. But hopefully! Pray saints, pray! It's so pretty! Although they tell us you have to watch out for those slick Peruvians...they'll slit your pockets open and take your stuff! Eeek!
 So excited!! Hopefully I'll be posting more soon... if not, patience is a virtue! :) I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. (Even though it's technically not even summer yet. Sure feels like it though.)

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