Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Peru Traffic...Aye yi yi

I have already mentioned the crazy traffic in Peru. Well, when I first got there it seemed crazy, but it quickly became normal to me. I tend to adapt to new environments pretty well, and I actually liked the roads there. It was...exciting. lol The thing that would make it better is if I got my hand at driving there! Ha! Anyhow, I didn't get to get my own good pics of the traffic because I was in a swiftly moving vehicle, but here are some google pics of Lima traffic. And yes, this sums it up pretty well; Although I would like to get pics of traffic on the slum roads. Quite interesting!!
This is what it's like trying to get through intersections. People honking and squeezing their way through. Like I said, whoever is more aggressive wins. Bro. Nix sure knew what he was doing!

 Sometimes people stick their heads/bodies out of the crammed public transportation. I saw garbage trucks with guys riding the outside. I remember when they used to do that here! Long time no see.
 Lanes are just suggestions, as you can see. The cars are pretty staggered. Some cars have the whole lane to themselves and still seem to prefer driving on the middle of a dotted white line instead of in between them. lol
 I wish I had better pics with traffic with some of the little 3 wheeler tricycle cars. They would try and squeeze their way in and it would look like we were going to hit them.
 One of the big traffic circles. This pic was obviously not taken during rush hour, because these circles seriously fill up! Sis. Kolej called them prayer circles! You get inside one and try to get out, and are going "Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" lol
People walk through the traffic, even on the freeways. They are mostly trying to sell things, or cut across to hop on a bus. The buses will pick up people on the busy streets or freeway even if they aren't at a bus stop. They just run through traffic and jump on.

Personally, I liked it! Ha!


Frances Kendrick said...

I will never complain about LA again!! Yikes!!

Jennifer Connell said...

lol It's definitely much crazier than driving in L.A. But I actually enjoyed it. :)