Monday, August 19, 2013

The Changing of the Guard

On our second day of sight-seeing, the first thing we went to see was the changing of the guard at the presidential palace. So I got to see where their president lives, but I have never seen the White House in person. How sad. lol
 I believe this was when we were on our way to see the changing of the guard. One common thing I noticed in Lima was people performing/selling things in intersections when the light was red, or, in stopped traffic, even on the freeway. While we were at a light, this little boy was singing at the top of his lungs, then went to the car windows to collect soles for his performance. I also saw 2 boys juggling. One was standing on the other ones shoulders, and they both juggled at the same time. Pretty cool! It was kind of hard to get pictures of things when we were driving, due to all the crazy jolts and movements, or limited time at stop lights. lol

 Popeyes and Starbucks right next to each other?! I had to take a pic. lol
 This square was really cool! This was in the same area as the presidential palace. I saw nuns walking around, too. They probably came from the big cathedral that was nearby.
 Some of our group taking pics, and the presidential palace is in the background!

 Looking like tourists. lol
 The Cathedral. I love these old, pretty buildings!
 Paul got on this guard's bad Kidding! Doesn't it look like he is rebuking him? They were actually just having a friendly conversation and the guard was pointing at something.

 Watching from across the street for the changing of guard.
 There they are! I liked the color of their winter uniforms!

 They played some pretty complicated pieces of music, pretty skillfully!
 Loved the fence. :)
 Some of the presidents guests on a balcony
 This man was walking this poor dog around!
 The dog was pretty calmed and seemed used to it, though.


 This is zoomed in on part of the cathedral near the palace. How's that for idolatry? One thing I noticed in some of the artwork is that there are faces in a lot of the designs that you don't at first notice! Kind of creepy if you ask me.
 A nun! From the nunnery. lol

 Some dog decided to scratch his fleas in the middle of the street. Good thing the road was blocked off at the time!
 Street filling up for the changing of the guard. The unblock the road once it's over.

 People taking pictures of the dog. lol

More prettiness!


Matt Kolej said...

I loved the marching band. The best part was definetly the saxaphone though; that guy had some skill.

jen lord said...

Twin! I love old buildings too. Great pics!!

Jennifer Connell said...

I liked it, too!

Twin! Aren't the old buildings really pretty backdrops for pics?