Sunday, January 26, 2014

God is good!

Forgive my lack of posts! Life has been so busy that when I actually have time to post I am too tired or un-motivated. Eeeks!

Just wanted to thank God for all that He is doing! He moved in our services today and is drawing souls in. We had 14 first time visitors and 4 people come back who have visited the church before. I must admit, before service and even during I was having a hard time getting with it and have been going through was seems to be a "dry spell." Sometimes I think those are harder than the dark times where you cry your eyes out -- because it's in those dark times it seems God is so close and it's so easy to touch Him. In the dry times, however, it's easy for doubt to come or wonder, "am I doing something wrong? What's wrong with me?" And of course, we should always examine ourselves to make sure there isn't a reason why we're not feeling God; But, at the same time, there are just some dry places on the road of life where much doesn't seem to be happening and you don't seem to feel much.

It's through those times that I know I must hold on and just keep on serving Him and doing my best, regardless of how I feel. Feelings are fickle and cannot be trusted; they are deceptive. Many people get confused because they "feel" so strongly about something, and feelings are so very real. Yet feelings are just feelings and not always truth.

Anyhow, back to the visitors and the good service! It's amazing how in dry times when we can't seem to touch God like we want to and even start to feel sorry for ourselves that God has a way of opening our eyes. After seeing all these people come to church and pray and cry in the altar, God reminds me that I have a purpose and a calling. No labor for Him is in vain! In the winter when it's cold and dry we don't see much happening, but there is a lot happening under the surface! It doesn't show until spring. The same thing can happen spiritually. When it feels your labor is in vain, nothing is happening, and you feel like giving up -- DON'T! You could be right around the corner from victory.

Like my dad has always told me, "It's gonna be blood, sweat, and tears all the way to the pearly gates." That's just life! But it's such a good life living for God if we will keep our eyes on the harvest and remember that He will come through if you hold and keep sewing the seed! Spring time is coming! Just hang on! Dry times are just seasons!

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stephen Hodge said...

Well Jennifer i can concur with your feelings on the dry spell.i just came through one that lasted for over a year!it is amazing though that even at times when i was not faithful to God he was faithful to me.and it was through this time i can say that i know him better.and i am closer to him than ive ever been.through these times of dryness we are molded and shaped.and we dont even see or feel the hand of God in our life but he is if it continues just hang on cause if you keep priming that well it will bring forth water sooner or later.