Monday, March 17, 2014

Revival times

Long time, no post! We have been in revival services with the Sisler's for 3 weeks, and then just got back from On Course youth conference yesterday afternoon. Wow - words cannot describe the amazing things God has been doing in my heart and mind. I am overwhelmed at His goodness, mercy, and faithfulness. If He says He will do something, He WILL do it! We are now back in revival services after an awesome youth conference which really blessed me and gave me strength that I needed.  God spoke to our church today and is meaning business. Our evangelist said it right, "revival times are dangerous times." This is because God shakes the comfortable, and some of them end up leaving or falling away from God in these times of intense focus and revival of the church. But God never removes for no reason - He removes to restore and replenish. He always has the well fare of His church in mind, so be smart and stay in the church!

I am so thankful for the great re-assurance that God has been giving me about so many things lately. I feel an amazing amount of peace and confidence though I seem to be looking into the face of adversity. It's just time... time for things to happen in the Spirit and time for prayers to be answered. I can feel it, and so many men of God have come through our church the past few years and prophesied of a great revival for our church to come soon. I understand we don't sit around and wait for it, but God is waiting on us. And I am stirred. I'm pretty tired of the devil. He's so dumb! It's amazing the amount of people that have NO fight in them and let the devil beat them around and tell them they can't make it, can't get their miracle, their healing, etc. I'm just done with that mentality and here to stand in the face of doubt and nay-sayers! God has some amazing things in store for my generation that He wants to do right now! I tend to make things too complicated, when really, God just wants me to become like a little child. Little children just believe. If someone tells them they're getting something, you better know that they will believe it; they will remind you about it, too! I want to be that way with God, because God loves that.

Just wanted to get that out!

If you did not go to On Course, get the CD's! They will bless you! What amazing messages we heard from these men of God!

Eld. Frazier
Eld. Runner
Eld. Miraflor
Eld. Nuemann
Eld. Marchbanks

God moved!! I gleaned something from all of these messages!

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