Monday, April 21, 2014

I said no thanks, and they looked at me kind of weird

"Wait, I just thought of something, I do have a testimony!"

We had just finished testimony service.

"Go ahead!"

He stood up to give a testimony - sober. His first testimony or 2 he wanted to give, he was extremely drunk. He's been coming to our church for probably a month and a half, and God has really been working in his life. The first time he came, he walked in off the street as we were about to dismiss service. The smell of cigarettes filled the sanctuary. A good man in our church being sensitive to the Holy Ghost went and put his arm around him and began to pray. Service was dismissed. The man sat in the back and began to cry like a baby. He spent a good while at the church. That was when he started coming. Yesterday morning during service, his testimony went something like this:

"I just wanted to say that I haven't been drinking anymore. I know it's not me, because I've tried to quit so many times and it hasn't worked. I know it's God! My son called the other day and I told him I wasn't drinking anymore. He asked to talk to mom, so my wife took the phone. He asked her if I really wasn't drinking anymore, and she told him I really had quit drinking. We went somewhere the other day and they offered me a beer! I said no thanks, and they looked at me kind of weird, because they know I like to drink. But now - I can't even stand to be around it. I don't even want it! God spoke to me and told me to lead by example. If I want my kids to stop drinking, I have to stop. If I want them to stop yelling and being angry, I have to stop!"

Our excited church began to praise God! This man has not yet received the Holy Ghost or been baptized, but God saw him cry out, and has delivered him from his addiction to alcohol.

Is there something you're addicted to? Is there something you struggle with? # 1, you have to want to change. You have to want deliverance. If you don't want it, you won't get it! # 2, cry out to God. He hears when we cry out in repentance and He knows when we truly want to change. God honors desperation!

My God can do anything!


Mary Frances said...

That's sooooooo AWESOME!!!

Frances Kendrick said...

That is awesome!! Our God is amazing!!

Coco said...

Absolutely awesome! music to my ears!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...



Jennifer Connell said...

Looks like the key word here is "awesome." And you're all right! It really is awesome. God is good!

Emily Keating said...

I love hearing about these kind of stories. AA ain't got nothing on Dr. Jesus! ;)

Jennifer Connell said...

Amen! That's the truth! Good hearing from you! :)