Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Greek, Ethiopian, and Mexican walk into a Thai restaurant....

...and had a great time! :) Hanna just finished her 4 year nursing school program *applause* and so Anali and I wanted to take her out to celebrate! And she wanted Thai food! Thai food is great, by the way. We had a good time, the food was good, and we even had a special visitor that made Hanna jump out of the booth without grace or dignity. It was not a human being. Anyone want to guess what it was?
I know it looks like the straw is going into my nose, but it's really not. LOL I found out many years ago that drinking through your nose hurts really bad.
So thankful for good, godly friends that will be there for you and be a real friend. Real friends are hard to come by! Real friends encourage you to live for God and will tell you what you need to hear, and not always what you want to hear! These two girls have been a major strength and blessing to me over the years. Love you both!

We all got Thai tea! I love Thai tea with cream. It's SO good.
The food was really good! 3 things I really get excited about: God and His work, spending time with good friends, and food. Hehe. ;)
Congratulations, Hanna!


Kendra Thaler said...

Toast *with Thai iced coffee* to Hanna and yummy Thai food!!!

Eliana said...

YAY for Hanna! What an accomplishment. Love you all! Can't wait so see you all to celebrate Miss Hanna and her smartness ;)

AV said...

(: Did Hanna actually finish her Thai tea ? Yum.

I found a crepe place where they sell thai tea! We should go next time you come! Love you! See you in a few weeks ^_^

Hanna said...

Aw, thanks Jen! I wouldn't have made it without the awesome support the good Lord gave me...♥ my kindreds!!!!
Thanks a bunch for the Thai yummy-ness!

Cheers Kendra!
Thanks Eli ;) you're next!
Yes I actually did, Anali! lol.

Coco said...

so what was the special guest?

Coco said...

what about the special guest??

Jennifer Connell said...

Kendra - I want to try the Thai iced coffee now!

Eliana - Love you, too! So you're coming?! Yay!

Anali - I love you, too, and yes we should go! Excited to see you soon.

Hanna! - You're welcome, and I ♥ you, too!

Coco - I heard you the first time. Haha! It was a spider that dropped down from the ceiling! Hanna basically catapulted from the booth and Anali and I were looking at her with question marks in our eyes. (We didn't see the spider)

Carol Connell said...

Just want to extend a hearty congratulations to Hannah! I love Thai food too and have requested to go to a Thai restaurant for Mother's Day. Hannah and Anali, I want to thank you also for being such good friends to Jen. Someone had to do it, and I'm glad you have taken up this mantle. LOL No, seriously though, I do appreciate both of you and your walks with God. Okay, enough said for now.

Hasta luego,

Hermana Connell

Eliana said...

Hanna-May 2015! Sooo happy for you!

Jen-In Jesus name! Going to try our best to celebrate with Hanna, and finally visit your homeland ;)Not Greece though...:0

Frances Kendrick said...

How fun!! Congrats to Hanna! Huge accomplishment!! :-)

Jennifer Connell said...

Thanks a lot, mom. You're so sweet! hahaha!

EliBunny, yes, In Jesus' Name!! That would be great! :)

Hi Sis. Kendrick! Thanks for commenting.

Emily Keating said...

Go Hanna!! Congrats! Let the fun begin I mean work hehe