Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hear ye, hear ye! Important Announcement!

Today, my favorite brother Paul turns 19! (He's my only brother)
Let's go down memory lane, shall we? :)
 Don't you wish you still got this many gifts? Too bad your taste is more expensive now! :)
 Paul, Matt and Zach!
 Nephew and Uncle! In NY.
 Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love these 2 pics of him watching the sea otters!

 He can grub like me!
Snow trip with the Fremont church! This was probably in 2004 or so!
Isn't wasn't he so cute? Hehe

And now, the grown up Paul. What can I say about my brother? A lot. He is my friend. If there is anyone I can be myself around, (complete, retarded goofball type of self) it is my brother! Our parents just kind of look at us, look at each other and then shrug. *What is wrong with our children?* shrug. They love us! Ha ha! The first time I saw Paul he was only hours hold. He had no clothes on and was screaming and crying. "Jen, go give your new baby brother a kiss," my aunt told me. I was thinking "umm, I'm good!" I wasn't too sure about this new kid. But that didn't last long!

Paul is involved in the church and plays the drums, sings, helps out with children's church, and has a gift for being a role model to younger boys. Little boys always seem to be drawn to him - he plays with them, does sleight of hand tricks that wows them, and they love him! Most importantly, Paul prays. I can't say how much it touches my heart when I can hear his muffled prayers through my bedroom wall. I'm so proud of him!

Paul has had a long time love for aviation! That love took him into the sky - yes, he flies airplanes! He also recently finished ground school! Now for several more lessons in the air! :)
Inspecting! I didn't realize there was so much you had to do before taking off!

Pilot Paul with his instructor, Pete.

Paul wowing a child with his sleight of hand tricks. (He practices on me first and I point out all his flaws and things) Hehe. But he asks me to!
Paul with Brady and Chris on the 4th of July
Cousins! They look like brothers!

Oh yeah, Paul likes capturing pictures of himself and other objects flying through the air. lol

I love my brother!
Paul, you are truly a blessing to me! Thanks for all our talks, fun times, and not so fun times. Not everyone can say they have a friend in their brother. I can! I love you - Happy Birthday!! ♥
You can wish Paul a Happy 19th birthday below in the comments section!


Roulini Panggabean said...

Happy 19th Birthday Paul! You have many talents! I really like your flying ability haha lol. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Great pictures! Such memories!

Happy Birthday Paul. We are proud of you.