Wednesday, October 29, 2014

San Antonio!

A couple weeks ago or so I took a trip down to San Antonio, Texas with my dad. He was preaching the Nix's anniversary services and ICAT was also having a seminar at the church, the 2 topics being Outreach and Tithing. Matt from our church went as well. He is an ICAT student as well! It was an amazing trip. I was so blessed spiritually and by the fellowship.
The first night of the trip there was no service. We went to the river walk which I loved! It's a mall, restaurants, hotels, etc. that have been built around the river. It's beautiful at night time. If you're ever in San Antonio, you'll want to visit the river walk.
Dad and I
The Alamo! This was a neat piece of history. It's also right next to the river walk! While we were there strolling around and taking in the sights at the Alamo, a man walked up to my dad and said, "Hey, how ya doing?!" To our surprise, it was the same man we had met earlier that day in the airport Phoenix, AZ! What are the odds of seeing him the same night in Texas?
My dad and Brothers Nix

They need to start building Pollo Tropical's in Cali! This place serves some awesome Caribbean food!
Now for the best part of the whole trip - Church! I can't even fully convey what a special move of God we had in these services. The song services were anointed, the preaching anointed, and I was blessed!
Sibling shot! Courtney and Michael Nix.
Alamo City Apostolic church singing!
Dad preached "The Things Which Must Be First" on Friday night. It was a convicting message and I know God used it for His glory!
Bro. Blanchard at the Saturday morning seminar addressing the subject of outreach. This was anointed and you could feel the burden and passion he has for souls. Bro. Blanchard is one of the instructors for ICAT and we're blessed to have him!
Questions and answers with the mic passed around. Bro. Ellis taught on tithing and there was a really good discussion about it all at the end. Bro. Ellis is also an instructor at ICAT and I have enjoyed his classes!
Now, this really was the highlight of the whole trip. After the seminar on Saturday morning we had a small break and then came back to the church for service in the afternoon. Pastor Kelly Nix lead song service, and wow  -  what an amazing, powerful move of God we had. The presence of God just swept in to the people and people began to weep and pray under the power of God. It just went on and on! People began to come to the front to receive prayer for healing, and others began to pray through. After a long time of serious praying and weeping, a spirit of rejoicing swept through the congregation and people began to praise and shout all over the building! It was so overwhelming in such a beautiful way! Living for God we are in a lot of church services that we don't even remember, but there are those special services that you'll never forget. This was one of those services. After all the shouting and rejoicing there was a brokenness, and we began to weep again. People were on their faces on the floor, walking the aisles praying, etc. Then suddenly God began to speak to the congregation through tongues and interpretation and told us that His coming is soon, and we needed to humble ourselves under His hand. God encouraged the church that if we abide in Him through these crazy times and humble ourselves, He will be with us and give us the strength to make it. There was no preaching in this service, but the prayer went on for close to 2 hours. I'm so thankful for what God did in me! I was renewed, strengthened, and reminded of some things. God is so good.
Saturday night ICAT students, faculty, and some others there for the services headed over to the Garcia's beeeeautiful home for some wonderful fellowship!
Yes, we did get them started on Dutch Blitz!

Courtney and I!
Bro. Milazzo, another one of our instructors! This man is an awesome teacher!! He is so passionate about the things of God and there is an anointing on him. I appreciate all he's done!
Alyssa Nix and I.
I LOVE this girl! Some people you just click with.... she's one of those people!
I loved this restaurant we went to on Sunday. It was so cute!
After church on Sunday we headed to Sea World! Little did I know I would end up having to run from a SKUNK in Sea World of all places! Yes, a real skunk! This is the second time in my life I have ran from a skunk.
Late night Sonic run! Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of all our people at the table next to us.
TED! The Nix's dog! He was so cute but his breath was atrocious!
I love Bro. Nix's photo bomb below. He almost looks like he was cropped in!

On the way home! The sky was beautiful!

I got a picture of the plane's shadow on the water right before we landed back in California.
This was a trip I will never forget!
As for the next Ripple Effect post, that's going to take time and thinking, which I have not been up to lately considering everything going on. Hmmm... maybe I'll save it for an end of the year post!


Mary Frances said...

Yaaaaaaaay you UPDATED!!! Sounds like you had a BLAST!!! We're gonna have a blast at WCC next week!! Can't wait to see you!!!

Courtney Tarpley said...

Hi Jen, It was so nice to meet you in San Antonio!! Were going to have to get a picture next time!!! Awesome pictures!! also here is the link to my blog! Can't wait to see y'all again!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Mary, can't wait to see you either! (In full Mary action!) lol

Thanks for commenting and for the blog link! It was so nice meeting you as well! Hope to see you again sometime soon!

Roulini Panggabean said...

Wow. Looks like you had quite a trip! Between powerful services, good food and fellowship, seems like a pretty packed out post. ��. Glad you got to get away too. Take care! ❤️

Jennifer Connell said...

Roulini - It was! I'm glad, too! Hope you're doing well and I'm praying for you!

coby richard said...

Yes the power of God moves so strong. The services we Great! The late night talk that we all had at the nix's house was one of the main thing that helped me a lot!! And it was greating meeting you!! Miss you and you dad! Hope to meet ur brother and mom soon! God Bless!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Yes, they were! It was great meeting you too, and I agree! I miss everyone! God bless!

jen lord said...

I guess San Antonio is okay...
LOL, no it is super cute! Glad you got to have some gooood church too!

Jennifer Connell said...

Maybe I would consider coming to see you if you didn't have Ebola in your city! lol jk!!
Yes, services were awesome. Stay well, dear Twin!