Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Iquitos Crusade

You know how after a good, Apostolic, Holy Ghost service everyone is all sweaty and disheveled? Imagine the sweat times 10. I don't sweat very much, but I believe it was in these services the first time I ever had beads of sweat dripping down my face. I can't ever remember sweating like that in my life! The people of Iquitos are close to the equator and used to the heat and humidity; normal weather for us is cold to them!
The crusade was a Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning and night. It was beautiful to ride up to the church and being able to hear the prayer service before we ever got inside the building. I noticed that across the churches in Peru they generally stand up and pray for the whole pre- service prayer. Many of them were in the altar seeking God before service even started.

Above are the kids singing. They sounded so adorable, and you could feel the Holy Ghost as they sang. The little boy in the chair cannot walk - I believe he was born this way. He is so sweet. I am looking for a report of his healing some day.
These pictures are from all of the services and are not necessarily in order. Dad preached and Bro. Keith Nix interpreted.

During one of the services dad told a story about a little boy named Johnny, and he definitely had the kid's attention! They were sitting with there with eyes opened wide and little grins on their faces. So cute!
The altar calls are so good. Peruvians can be kind of stoic and a little reserved, even during the preaching, but when it's time to respond, they respond. I love seeing them pray; especially the kids.

This is Pastor Tomas Sanchez and his wife. They are from Lima but are now in Iquitos doing a work for God. I love these people and their sweet spirit! They are so neat to be around and made us feel welcomed.

This Pastor Sanchez' youngest son. He is so cute and looks like he has a little streak of mischief in him, don't you think?

Since Paul has become quite good with sleight of hand tricks and disappearing acts, he had crowds of kids around him after just about every service. They absolutely loved it all!

I miss these kids!! They were so hilarious and kept running up to me and asking me how to say different words and phrases in English, then trying to repeat them the best they could. The little boy in the yellow shirt kept asking me "Como se dice Santiago en Ingles?" (How do you say James in English?) He was hilarious.

Do you know how Italians emphasize and draw out certain syllables in their words? Like " Buonanoooootte." (Good night) They kind of do the same thing in the jungle, but they speak Spanish, and they speak quickly. It's so funny to hear "Como se diiiiice Santiaaaaago en Ingleeees?"
And again Sunday morning before church or prayer even started, the kids flocked about Paul to see what other wonders he could come up with.

The church presented our family with gifts on the last night. It was so sweet and you could tell they were happy to give something. They did this also last year for our whole group when we went to Lima. They got everyone something, and there were 12 of us. Such sweet people!

Paul and I with Junior. I loved this kid!! He was probably the one asking the most questions on how to say things in English. After church one night they were trying to say "Praise the Lord" in English, but it comes out more like "Praise da Lort!" Then they would crack up laughing among themselves and repeat it again. It was hilarious. I think the funniest one was when Junior asked, "Como se dice, "Oh Dios? Ohh myy Got?" LOL
These girls wanted to hold and take pictures with the wall hanging birds the church got me. Aren't they adorable? (The girls) lol
The ladies singing "Majestad."

The man in the plaid shirt that Bro. Nix is praying with had been backslid for 20 years, and he prayed back through to the Holy Ghost during altar call after an anointed message that reached for him. God is SO good and SO merciful! He will go and seek the one lost sheep that has gone astray. Oh, how He loves His sheep.
If you could see mercy and grace, I'm pretty sure they would look something like this.

Paul praying with Pastor Sanchez' oldest son.
I clearly remember this man praying up front. He was really seeking God and seemed so sincere and hungry for God. It's touching to see people who don't have much at all coming to an altar and crying out to God.

And once again, here's Junior! Junior has a desire to play the piano and already knows a little bit. He was praying so hard and earnestly, but every now and then his little eye would peek open slightly and he would try to watch me play the piano durning altar call. If I looked at him he would close it really fast, but a few seconds later it would pop back open. It was so hilarious but cute. Dad got some good pictures of him praying.

One of the preachers from Lima and his wife. I can't remember their last night, but these were such sweet people and they love God.
Here they are again with Pastor Sanchez and family. I miss these people and hope that some day if God allows, I can return to Iquitos.


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Ahhh! So sweet! Thank you for posting about the church! Looks like you guys had an wonderful service.
I am thankful we don't live in a hot part of Mexico...I don't know how I'd survive - augh! :)


Hanna said...

Beautiful!!! Amazing.

Tselot "Coco" Kifle said...

Nothing beats this.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Awesome post! God's people are so beautiful - even when we've got sweat pouring down our face ;) The church we go to in Hawaii does not have air conditioning, so I can relate!