Thursday, June 2, 2016


Our family was very blessed this past February to go on a trip to Roswell, New Mexico to be with Pastor and Sister Foster and their church for a marriage/parenting seminar. I of course spent time with my good friend, Anali!
We flew to Albuquerque and met up with my dad's cousin and aunt at a unique restaurant called, "El Pinto."

Hanging peppers are all over the place in NM!

So, Roswell... the supposed land of the aliens! Pretty ridiculously silly, but there are alien replicas, statues, and artwork everywhere in Roswell. People travel there for festivals and events, all revolving around UFO's and aliens. Although it's pretty silly to us, people really do believe in this stuff. Thank God there is an awesome, One God Apostolic Church in Roswell, CA!(Apostolic Bible Church)
Anali and I had some friend-catch-up time.
Anali and Joe in the realty office right before our house hunting trip!
Dad did an awesome job teaching... I think we were all blessed!

And Paul once again had a crowd around him because of his sleight of hand abilities. The first night of the seminar he took the kids into the back and did some sort of object lesson with his tricks. They loved it!

Mom did a side session with the ladies and it was a blessing as well!
More of the seminar... the people in this church are so sweet and welcoming! You can't help but love it there!

Levi Foster (the pastor's grandson) is such a cutie... We were sitting on the floor in his grandparent's house one evening and I was reading him Thomas the train stories. He stopped and looked at me with a very serious expression and said, "My sister would never understand this." SO funny!
Anali laughing/crying over our game of Balderdash. Balderdash is becoming tradition when we are with the Foster family. We definitely had some good laughs!

The Foster's nephew had recently come back from somewhere in Korea and brought some green tea KitKats! They were very interesting. Not bad! I saw them at Cost Plus World Market the other day, if anyone is dying to try them.

Paul greeting the congregation.

Joe did a good job leading songs!

 This dear sister has an awesome testimony. She is so sweet, and guess what... her nickname is Sister Trouble! Lol... She is very loved in the Roswell church! Daisy took it upon herself to photobomb.

So thankful for the awesome services the Sunday we were there! God moved so beautifully in the Sunday evening service, and then we had food and fellowship. I'm telling ya, there ain't nothing like a good, Holy Ghost service followed by good food and good fellowship!

The sweet Briana and I! This girl has a beautiful spirit and I know God has wonderful plans for her.
After church jamm session.
And the newlyweds. :)

Emily's selfie she took on my phone. This girl is a hoot!
No, I didn't go to the UFO museum... it would have been an interesting one time experience though!
Anali and Joe and I went to a unique coffee shop and read our Bibles together. It was a lovely time!

Paul and Philip Foster are like brothers! They had a blast together and definitely bonded.
Our last day in New Mexico, Bro. Foster took us to the Cowboy Cafe! Even the handicap parking space had a cowboy! So cool!

Bro. Foster told us that we HAD to use the bathroom while we were at the Cowboy Cafe, which of course piqued our curiosity!

It was full of character, that's for sure!
We stopped by the church's Christian school. I was impressed!

Emily, Anali's niece.
Sis. Foster does an awesome job with these kiddos. She corrects, loves, teaches, helps, and so on... I'm sure her godly influence will live on through these kids for years to come, or until the Lord returns!

We are thankful for the opportunity to have gone to Roswell!


R. Keith Nix said...

Looks like a great time! The Fosters are wonderful people doing a bang-up job in Roswell.

Jennifer Connell said...

The Fosters are great people! And yes, we definitely had a great time!

Flor Garcia said...

Fosters are great people and we enjoy their fellowship here in Arizona(both Fosters' daughters married into our church). Recognize many of the young ladies from AZ Junior Camp so much Fun! Roswell church are Awesome People!!!

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi, Sis. Garcia! That's right, their girls do go to your church! :) The Foster's are great people, as are the people of the church in Roswell. Thanks for commenting!