Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What you have is what they want

I know I haven't posted for a long time, not since right before my vacation. I'm working on a post about my grand adventures. =) It'll be up later. I don't know when because I am very busy with work, church, and school right now. It's my senior year and I have a lot to get done. We're also in the process of trying to get into our new building for church. In Jesus Name, it'll happen soon! I know I'm going to be busy helping with that. But, I like being busy. It's fun and kind of a new experience. Getting ready to graduate, working, doing things for church, and in between all of it hanging out with friends and doing things with the youth group. I've been having fun, and God is so good to me! It is crazy--I realize now more than ever how much our society has tried to push God out of the picture. It's getting worse and worse everyday, but I want to make a difference. The reason there are so many problems all over the world right now, is because of that very reason--God being put on the back burner. I was talking to a girl from work, and she doesn't really know what she believes. There are so many people who don't! She said, "I don't believe in Jesus. I believe that there's a God...or some time of higher power that's out there somewhere at least. " I started to talk to her about Jesus--how He is God, and that I believe what the Bible says. Interesting discussion! That is the second or third time I've really has someone asking me questions about what I believe and why I act and dress the way I do. I get that a lot. It's funny, because I don't even have to tell them that I don't cuss--that I don't listen to rock and whatever else everyone listens to these days--they already seem to know. I had a girl tell me she respects me for living the way I do. I've had my parents tell me all my life that if I stand up for what I believe in, people will respect me for it, whether they show it or not. That was the first time I really had someone actually tell me that, and it meant a lot. I'm glad that I can stand out and be an example and a help for people. What this world needs is exactly what they're running from, what they've put aside, and even blasphemed: Jesus. He is the hope for REAL problems, but hurts, trials, and situations people face everyday. I am so thankful that I know God, and that I can go to Him when I'm in trouble, and He'll deliver me right out of my problem if it's His will, or give me the strength to help me through it. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that what I have is what all these people around me need. I've had to repent over waiting for someone to stop looking at me just so I could thank God for my food before I ate. It shouldn't be like that! You'd be surprised at what some people really think about it all. A girl I work with told me that a lady came in to buy a cake for her kids, but she wouldn't eat any because she was fasting. The girl told me, "She explained to me what fasting was, and I thought it was so cool!" I wouldn't have expected that to come from her. People are really looking for something different. They're tired of what the world has to offer. It saddens me that so many people who have the truth, and know what's right, are neglecting God's work, and are going after what the world has to offer, when that's exactly what will ruin their souls. I want to encourage somebody, live right! Do right! When you give your life to Jesus, and do what's right even when nobody is around you, you will be happy, and you will be a help to others. It's all about the bottom line--where we spend eternity. Me? I plan on going to the place God has prepared for me, heaven, and taking as many people as I can with me.


Peter Connell said...

Hey Jen,

Great post! You've hit the proverbial nail on the head with your writing. I'm more convinced than ever that people are looking for something REAL - and they will find it in Apostolic Christians like you.

Keep letting your light shine - these people you are working with are not just taking notice - they are thinking about what you say and how you live - and all of that will enter into the decisions that they make regarding their eternal destiny. Don't be afraid, or ashamed to boldly proclaim the gospel message to them. You may find them more eager for it than you would have ever thought.

You are also showing the way for a good many people who ought to be living for God with all their heart - but aren't. I believe you'll help many find their footing again - in Jesus' name.

Love ya,


cltgrace said...

I think Pops said it all! You rock, Jen!! Which reminds me, I have to go take a peek at UB pics from your recent visit.

Anonymous said...

Great preaching Rev. Jen. :-D
Do you "speak" at your church, in Sunday School, or @ youth services? If not, you should. Great material here and I felt your passion.
Follow your heart which belongs to Jesus. :-D

Anonymous said...

Good preaching Jen! Way to go. After not blogging in a while, I'm finally able to do some comments. Grandma & I just got yours & Paul's awesome photos your mom sent. We're now trying to find a good dartboard making company who'll custom-make some good dartboards and sell us some good darts. (JUST KIDDING) Grandma is looking to frame the photos!

coco said...

jen!!! you never told me you were a preacher.... But yeah, i've had similar experiences, and up until then i never knew i what great an impact my convictions had on others.