Thursday, July 3, 2008

Serve God!!

Last night at the revival in Pittsburg was one of the most awesome church services I've been to in a long time. God was there in such a powerful way. One of those services when people you don't normally see praying were at the altar with tears running down their face. As the song service started, I felt God so strongly! I realize how much more I appreciate being able to worship in the congregation during song service. I am always on the platform at my church, and when I get to go somewhere where someone else is playing the keyboard, it really is a blessing for me. Don't get me wrong, it is a blessing to see others touched while you're on the platform, and to watch the Spirit of God move on his people. But there's just something about getting to the altar myself and touching God.

Last night during the altar call, a guy from the Pittsburg youth group was on the floor praying. My dad was walking over to pray with some kids from our church, and not seeing him, accidentally kicked him in the head! Woops! He was okay though, and had a good attitude about it. When you're in a service like that, it's pretty hard to get mad.

There are a lot of people I grew up with, people I was close to at one time, who are drifting away from God. It's been very hard to watch, and hard to deal with. Sometimes it kind of feels like you can be alone in living for God, but I know I'm not. I've made up my mind to serve God no matter what. It really is wonderful living for God! I'm happy! I wish so many of these people would realize that. The best thing I can do is to live my life as an example, and pray for them. No matter who's living for God and who's not, I'm going to. There's really no good excuse not to live for God. It all boils down to just you and God. You can't rely on your parents relationship with God, your Pastor's relationship with God, or a friend or leader's relationship with God...because if they lose their relationship with God, where will you stand? Any young person who might read this, please trust me, you need to make up your mind to know God yourself! You have to want to. Really, what's the point of going out and doing what you want to do rather than what God wants? When you sin, backslide, or become rebelious, it effects other people around you. It's a selfish thing. Things that other people are doing are effecting me, right now, and many other people at that. The bottom line is that we need to make it to heaven, and there is no time to play games. Tomorrow isn't promised. Our actions here on earth will determine where we spend eternity. Don't wait until later to get right with God--there's no time for waiting. Get to know God now! Chose to serve Him, because it really is the best life out there! I chose to serve God!


Joe--2 Cor. 2:17 said...

Hey Jennifer you commented on my blog. I wanted to respond to you thoughts. However, this is a difficult forum in which to have an intelligent conversation. Could you email me at I would like to speak with you regarding oneness pentecostalism. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Hopper said...

Jen I enjoyed your post! I laughed when reading about your Dad kicking that guy.

I am also glad that you can enjoy being a part of the service without having to be playing the keyboard! Our first calling is to worship God!

Jennifer said...

Joe- I don't really email people I don't know, but you can post another comment it you would like.

Bro. Hopper- LOL It was kind of funny! Glad everthing was okay. Thanks for being glad for me!

Peter Connell said...


I really enjoyed reading your post. You've got a beautiful relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ and it does my heart good to see you standing on the Solid Rock on your own two feet.

I love you!

-Dad :-)

kikis korner said...

Jen: What a beautiful post. I'm so glad God is touching you and that you're allowing him to mold you and use you. We all need a deep refreshing from God's Spirit as often as possible to sustain us. I couldn't help but laugh about your dad kicking that young man in the head! Is that one going in your blooper book? LOL

Love you!
Aunt Kiki